Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Students Have Fun and Learn Quickly with EAL Adaptive Learning

A few years ago, I had a remarkable meeting with some key players at Elsevier Publishing regarding device-based adaptive learning strategies. Joining our small group was Andrew Smith Lewis, the founder of Cerego.

I learned that the Cerego was created to put validated learning science to play in making learning fun and easy. But more importantly, the adaptive learning strategies in Cerego help make learning permanent.

Repeated practice of core concepts—based on what each individual really needs—flattens out the "learning curve" at its peak.  No downhill slide of the "forgetting curve."  Memory strength for each key concept is built up and then retained for the long haul.

I am happy to report that meeting eventually led to a partnership with Cerego in which we have provided an amazing and effective learning tool called Elsevier Adaptive Learning (EAL) available with Anatomy & Physiology.

EAL sets the conceptual foundation your A&P students need by getting them up to speed on all the core concepts of each chapter of Anatomy & Physiology.  It does so quickly and in a way that is fun for students.  And it does all this "in the background" as students work individually at their own pace, on their desktop or mobile device, without taking any extra instructor time.  Well, except for the few minutes you'll want to spend reviewing the statistics of your students progress!

By placing the EAL process after their reading assignment and before their classroom activity, your students will then be ready to start applying what they know in your classroom and lab activities. Nobody will be left behind and you'll find that your students are much more grounded in their facts—and more engaged as they learn to apply their knowledge. 

If you want to know more about EAL go to Elsevier's Adaptive Solutions or ask your Elsevier rep to schedule a demonstration of EAL. It's one of those things you really need to see and experience to appreciate!


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